Hobs: Induction vs Gas


What's the difference between an induction hob and a gas hob? In general, an induction hob heats up twice as fast as a ceramic or radiant heat hob, and offers greater precision in temperature control. Gas hobs only offer instant heat and can impart wok hei (smokiness) in Asian cuisines. But there are more things to consider!

  • Induction hobs are the best in terms of energy efficiency, transferring heat directly to your pan and food unlike with gas and ceramic hobs. They are a safer option for families with young children. They are, however, more expensive than their counterparts, though they make up for it by being easy to clean. They only work with ferromagnetic cookware, so if you've already invested in aluminium, Pyrex, glass, copper, and non-magnetised stainless steel, an induction cooker might not be for you.
  • Gas hobs are cheaper to run and are more environmentally friendly, as they emit less carbon when compared to the other options. However, they can be fussy to clean, with the pot stands and gas rings that need to be disassembled for cleaning. If you're setting up your hob in your kitchen island, concealing the gas piping might be challenging, so do consider an induction or ceramic hob for this purpose.