Check out this contemporary hangout in sunny Lombok


Lombok is a fairly quiet place, a surfers' paradise that manages to retain some measure of local charm and has yet to be touched by commercialisation the way other popular holiday islands have. There's charm in Lombok, with just the right amount of nightlife.

Across the street from Melati Hotel in Kuta, Lombok, the dining establishments are fairly low-key. Milk Espresso & Spa stands out among the crowd with its modern industrial aesthetics, from the string of bare bulbs that illuminate the al-fresco dining area outside, right down to the black-painted containers set up as part of the premises.

The general colour scheme of the space features a combination of black, white, and grey, punctuated here and there with local palm trees and decorative woven elements. The furniture is modern and chic, all perfectly assimilating into the island paradise theme which here is coupled with the cool industrial aesthetic of bare brick walls and raw cement.

By day, the space operates as a Cafe, Boutique, and Spa. The bottom floor features a combination of seating for diners seeking a bit of refuge from the scorching heat of Lombok's many beaches, whilst a small, air-conditioned space serves as a boutique of sorts. Here, visitors can shop for clothing and bling. Upstairs, however, the world-weary traveller can seek comfort in a menu of spa treatments, from facials, to traditional scrubs, to aromatherapy massages, to manicures, to pedicures.

By night, the space fills up and bustles with activity. On Fridays, live bands play and sing from a selection of international hits, whilst guests dine and drink from Milk's selection of cocktails, martinis, and Western dishes ranging from pastas to sliders; it's nothing too expensive, and you can easily get a large Bintang, Indonesia's most popular beer, for 45,000 Rupiah, about RM14. Milk also offers amazing coffee, which is perfect down to the latte art! Well worth a try if you're ever in Lombok.

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