Designer Chat: Lua Chen Chie


Tell us a little bit about your background.

My name is JC Lua, aka Leaf Man. I was born in Terengganu in 1994 and I am 22 years old. I am from a normal family background just like everyone else. Since my hometown was a slow developing land, I chose to further my studies in KL after SPM. In 2014, I graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) with a Diploma in Industrial Design. I am a current student of University of Canberra, Australia, for a Degree in Industrial Design. While I was studying at MIA, I loved to explore natural elements, so one day, I was inspired to carve on a leaf. From that day on, I taught myself to carve leaves, learnt about end-product packaging, branding and so on. 

Complete this sentence: When creating a particular piece of art or design, you draw inspiration from...?

As I mentioned earlier, I do love to explore the natural elements of my daily life. So most of my inspiration comse from animals and florals. 

How do you channel your inspiration creatively to create your pieces?

I believe in the concept of Going Green. Currently I am dealing with an interesting collection series, which is The Endangered Animal Series. I wish to spread the awareness about these endangered animals to the public and the people surrounding me. After I finish some pieces of the artworks involved, I will attend to a few local art bazaars to sell and promote the concept.

What are the challenges you face as an crafter? What is the most challenging work you’ve done so far?

I faced challenges at the starting point of my leaf carving. I had to refer to Google and figure out the carving technique. I put a lot of effort into the work at the tiem. Now I am trying to jump ou of my comfort zone and try something new in leaf carving; it could be a whole new method of carving, or a brand new idea of the whole concept. 
What is your philosophy in life and as a crafter?

If you really stick to your first original intention, one day your work and talent will be seen. Do what you think it is right and good for you.