Trending: Knitted and Crocheted Upholstery.


Do not underestimate your skills in crochet and knitting, who knows you may create your very own soft furnishings one day? Hint, jumbo-sized knits are all the rage today! 



From crocheted figurines and leg rests to knitted blankets and vintage furniture upholsteries, we’ve seen them all. Each of these textured products are equally unique, inspiring homeowners to incorporate and personalise their homes in many different ways and just about anywhere from the living area to the study and bedrooms.

They bring about a distinct, casual and comfortable homey look. Renowned for using traditional techniques in the creation of both furniture and furnishings, particularly knitting, crochet and the spinning of giant wool, the knitted upholstery works of Melanie Porter Design Studio are in unique bespoke colour and pattern designs.


photo Melanie Porter. 

So how do we care for these gorgeous knitted and crocheted upholsteries? You ask. We were surprised when Melanie Porter reveals, “You can treat them in the same way you would any upholstery as the fibres are felted to prevent snagging or wear.” In fact, she recommends vacuuming her knitted furniture on an occasional basis to get rid of dust and dirt.

photo Melanie Porter. 

We’ve uncovered plenty of knitted and crocheted decorations and soft furnishings over the years, for you to decorate your home with. We’ll be revealing more creations and the designers behind them (including Melanie Porter), in our July issue!