Floral Arranging Guide for Beginners


One of the best ways to breathe life into your home decor is to introduce fresh flowers. Store bought floral arrangements is the easy route, but why not try your hand in doing your own arrangements? This way, you get to save on money and pull off a one of a kind floral centerpiece that expresses your own unique style.


Getting the flowers

Your best bet on getting fresh cut flowers is to head to a nursery. They are normally stocked with various species of flora to choose from so you can shop at your leisure until you find the right kind. Choose flowers of various sizes, textures and lengths. As for colours, pick ones that are in the same pallette if you are looking for a monochromatic arrangement, or go wild if you are looking for a visual explosion! Do not forget the fillers, popular ones being Baby’s Breath, Heather, and Ivy.


Preparing the flowers

After bringing your flowers home, immediately place them in room temperature water with some preservatives to help keep them fresh for longer. Make fresh cuts and trim an inch off the bottom of the stems in a 45 degree angle so they can absorb the water better. Leave them in the vase of water for a day or two before you start arranging them.


Arranging the flowers

Get the rubber gloves out if you are working with thorny flowers such as roses, and have clippers and knives at the ready. It is recommended that you get some sort of floral foam to hold your arrangement in place. Add in water with the preservatives before starting to make the process easier.

Start with the flowers you want to make the centerpiece of the centerpiece. Line them up in the middle, making sure they are faced outwards. Proceed to fill in the gaps between them with foliage.

Once you are done, proceed by lining smaller flowers around the perimeter of the arrangement. Vary the height for each one to fill out the space more evenly, then fill the rest with added foliage or even smaller flowers.

If this is your first try, keep it simple by delegating a single colour palette to the primary and secondary flowers along with green fillers. Don’t be afraid to try new colours and unique flower combinations in your future arrangements.


Caring for the flowers

To keep your beautiful bouquet of flowers looking fresh, keep them away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Re-cut the stems and change the water once every few days, not forgetting to replenish the preservatives. If the inevitable happens, remove the wilted flower immediately as it might contaminate the others.