Flower tips from Tish


Floral arrangements are an easy way to spruce up your dining space, especially when it’s a special meal you’re planning. “Floral arrangements always add a touch of femininity, a dash of glitz and glam to any interior, especially with the colour scheme and types of florals you pick.” Shermaine Wong, Founder and Chief Curator of Tish Events says. “It’s the quickest and perhaps easiest way to achieve the look you want for the space in your head. It plays an important role of complementing the food, cutlery, display sets, and serveware. It ties all these things together and makes it look whole.”

If you're looking to try your hand at floral arrangements, Shermaine shares her tips!

  • Compile a mood board with some floral arrangements and samples you like the most.
  • Bring that sample to your florist and let them give you advice on what to use.

  • Be patient, and do not always cut your flowers too short to avoid the arrangement being flat.
  • Always make sure to have the whole look of the arrangement in mind before focusing too much on one side, especially when you’re working with a striking arrangement.
  • Stay true to the colour scheme.

  • When cutting flowers, trim each stalk diagonally to ensure it absorbs water well.
  • Place flowers in fresh water. Add some flower food, which can be purchased from the florist, or simply add in some sugar.
  • Try to understand the season of each flower, and pay close attention to their petals.

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