Reminder: Bring Reusable Bags for Grocery Shopping

It’s No Plastic Bag for Selangor, now! For every instance you forget to bring your very own shopping bags from the car or from home, you’ll be charged with an extra RM0.20. RM0.20 may or may not be chipping at your wallet bit-by-bit, but what concerns you most is that you’re constantly forgetting to bring the reusable bag out with you. Worry not; though it may take a little bit of time (it’s a little bit like breaking a bad habit), here’s how you can make it work: 

photo UNSPLASH. 

1. Give a bag a purpose. Take up the habit of sorting through your mail early in the morning, if you’re rushing to work, place them into your canvas bag if necessary. Give this “extra bag” a purpose (carrying your makeup or double up as a lunch bag) so long as it instils you to bring it to work or everywhere you go.


photo UNSPLASH. 

2. Bags within bags. Each one is used for different purposes. A backpack for tuition and travels, a briefcase for work. Prepare four recyclable bags. Have two placed in each backpack or briefcase. That way, when the first recyclable bag is used, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to place them back into the bag.

Tip: Purchase recyclable bags in different sizes and materials. This helps when you’re buying groceries in bulk.

3. Hey, we don’t go shopping for groceries every day, and when we do, they’re planned and you’re all prepared for it. But what do we do when we go on emergency trips to the supermarket? Besides a spare tire, your car boot should also consist of a small trolley and a bag. Remember, eggs or easily bruised vegetables should be placed on top of other items.

photo PEXELS


4. Make a grocery list on paper. Otherwise, create a note or an alarm on your phone as a reminder. These bags are easily foldable and can be tucked away in any drawer at your office or home. Place them literally everywhere, including your car’s seat pocket and storage compartments. Hint: Where do you keep your Smart Tag?

* Another option: Use picnic baskets.

5. Go for eye-catching neons or bright coloured reusable bags. If you have the habit of using post-its to jot down important notes in the office, don’t be afraid of having your grocery list stuck onto your bag. Hopefully this helps to attract your attention when it’s time to go shopping!

The No Plastic Bag Campaign has been enforced since January 2017. Spread the word to family and friends living overseas. (Polystyrene containers have also been banned, so maybe it’s also a good idea to carry around reusable food savers!).