5 Before and After spaces by the Property Brothers

The Property Brothers are making waves as the industry’s hottest duo. We asked them some questions regarding renovations, and this is what they had to share!

What is the first thing a homeowner should know about starting renovations?

Jonathan: Always ask for a proposal that outlines budget, scope of work, and the timeline. You should always have a contract in place before any work begins so that everyone understands what is expected of them.

Drew: Make sure that all the little deficiencies are taken care of. You can splurge on priorities like the kitchen and main bathrooms if those are what’s important in that market, but make sure that when you save in other areas, that they don’t look cheap. Everything needs to be top quality, even if you are using a less expensive option.

What is the first thing you would suggest a new homeowner do, before starting renovations?

Jonathan: Education is key in anything you do. Know what you are capable of, what the market stats are, what you should spend, and what the potential sale price is. Also be realistic and hire professionals when needed. You’ll end up spending more money if you try to take on a job yourself when you really shouldn’t! Plus, this can be a safety hazard when it comes to certain things like electrical work.

Drew: DON’T do it yourself when it can be done in half the time, properly, by a professional. It’s money well spent. DO all your homework BEFORE you do any shopping! You need to know how every single purchase, addition, and change fits into the budget.

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