The Best Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom is a personal sanctuary, so it is crucial to make the most out of it by giving it the proper lighting. To achieve that is to understand the different kinds of bathroom lighting available.

1. Task lighting

Task lighting has the fortunate task of being the main light source which lets you see yourself better, and provides added illumination for your daily bathroom activities. These include focused lighting that highlights your face or pendant lights by the mirror. These lighting fixtures should have a strong illumination and a focused throw; LED is a great option for brightness and electrical savings.


2. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is meant to uplift the atmosphere of the bathroom by being out of the way but visually enticing. It works great in showing off the decorative pieces or artworks within the bathroom. These lights are better hidden away in recessed corners, and shine directional lights that focus on the piece that it is illuminating.


3. Ambient lighting

Meant for more sizable bathrooms or ones that are shaped differently, ambient lighting is essentially a filler light that get rids of contrast and shadows. It could be a in the form of a fluorescent light for a utilitarian look, or pendant fixtures that run along the perimeter of the bathroom for a more decorated look.


4. Decorative lighting

In addition to the artwork and decorative pieces dotted around the bathroom, lighting itself can be a decorative element of a bathroom. Homeowners can adorn the walls and ceilings with specially sculpted fixtures that are not only visually stylish, but also throw off light in their own unique ways. Go with a chandelier if you are feeling pompous!


Extra Lighting Tips

1. Add mirrors or install larger ones over the vanity and shower area so more light will be reflected around the bathroom, to make it seem brighter.

2. Install light dimmers for added flexibility. You can set the brightness for whatever mood you are in.