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It's no secret that colours are intrinsically tied to human emotions. Certain shades can trigger specific instinctual reactions and can alter our moods in a subtle, but measurable way. That is why it is important to understand how these colours affect the psyche when you are choosing a one for a particular room. Here are five popular colours and how they can be applied to a space to set a specific mood.




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It is a no brainer that we look to bright hues like yellow for an instant mood boost. It represents light, energy, and warmth, all traits that promote stimulation and spark creativity. It works great in areas of the home where productivity is appreciated, like the kitchen, dining room, or home office. That said, picking the right shade of yellow is tricky; you don't want it to be too bright nor too dark. Test it out with the natural and artificial lighting of the space and see how the light plays with the hue.




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A fiery affair that is not for the faint of heart, red plays on both sides of the spectrum. It can be the colour of warm passion and romance or a stimulant for anger and aggression. Tread carefully and impart a bit of the colour on each space depending on shade. Pick a darker red for your kitchen to evoke a warm and rustic feel, or go bright and glossy to add a dash of drama to a powder room. Just be sure that you can live with the colour in the long run.




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The colour of the sky and oceans, a room draped in blue evokes the same tranquil emotions. It can also easily be a high energy colour if you are working with the right shade. Perfect for any interior aesthetic, blue works best for the spaces of a home that is meant for relaxation, like the living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Pick darker shades like navy for a cocooning feel or paler shades like baby blue to make a space feel bigger and brighter.




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A vision of nature, green fills any room with a calming feeling and can conjure various positive moods with its various shades. It also has a regal side with darker shades like emerald green which is perfect for a dining, or powder room. Earthier green tones are perfect for kitchens, to give them that rustic quality.




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The colour gray is unique in that the feeling it conjures is based on the individual. Some may find it dull and depressing, while others will find it calm and sophisticated. Either way, gray stands as an amazing backdrop for other elements of the space to shine. Alone, it exudes minimalist glamour and creates a cocooning environment, perfect for a den, bathroom, or reading nook.

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