Books: To buy or to rent?


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These are the three places you can go to borrow your books. 

Why buy new books when you can borrow them? There are a great number of places to rent volumes, from box storing books at Titiwangsa park to the local library and other places that offer rental services. You’ll never know what old gems might turn up.

1. Run out of reading materials? Walk-in-rent-a-book occupies a quiet lot in SS2. Visitors can browse comfortably in the tiny and intimate space amongst plenty of books. They are even stacked on floors. The available genres are suitable for people of all ages, including Archie comics!

In fact – some rental places don’t even require us to bring the books back!

2. Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda. It’s the library of all libraries. You’re bound to have fun in this beautiful library with its six floors, which is also equipped with modern amenities like computers. Also available are theatres, gymnasiums, and a cafeteria. One can enjoy the lush greenery outside or read indoors, facing the beautiful view overlooking a lake.

3. You may purchase books at a much lower price at the Big Bad Wolf sale. But it’s in online platform booku, that you can rent a book, as well as rent one out! Check out https://booku.rent/

Check back for bookworm-friendly cafes and restaurants.


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