House tour: Interior Designer Elly MacDonald's vibrant, sunlight-filled Asian-influenced space

Interior designer Elly MacDonald's one-bedroom, one-study walk-up apartment spans over 1,300sqf, a bright and vibrant space filled with sunlight and colour. Her eclectic Asian-influenced style is abundantly present in her apartment, which she stumbled upon through a property website.

Elly, who has lived in the Caribbean, Spain, Switzerland, India, and Hong Kong, is always ready for an 'adventure'. The old, grotty staircase that leads to her apartment didn't put her off. She was quickly won over by the spacious interiors and herb garden. "It may be a rental apartment with fixtures you can't change, but there are many ways to turn the space into somethiing that says 'you'," beams Elly. In addition to running her design studio from home, Elly is also co-founder and creative director of Anserai, a US-based online boutique offering designer home-decor collections from all around the world, with a focus on handmade artisanal wares.

Elly loves a good juxtaposition; such as pairing modern lucite Ghost chairs with the organic natural curves of the Suar wood dining table. The wingback armchair was specially upholstered in a duck-egg ikat fabric.