House tour: Interior Designer Sera Hersham-Loftus' gorgeous Little Venice space

Romantic, bohemian, and dramatically exotic, interior designer Sera Hersham-Loftus' style is one that can be described, but not categorised. In an age when "individualism" and "iconic" are simply overused cliches, her designs stand out, incorporating reinvented vintage pieces in an unbashed boudoir-style setting. Also known as Sera of London, this London-based interior decorator eschews boundaries. "I am a free spirit, and my interiors reflect this," she says.

The 1,500sqf converted apartment in the scenic canal area of Little Venice in Maida Vale leaves this in no doubt. The lime-green satin and tulip wood Fire Monkey sofa, armchairs and footstools from Sera's Les Follies furniture line form a clean counterpoint to the exposed brick walls and ornate mirrors in the living room. Luxuriant palms, ferns, and orange trees inject a refreshing sense of nature.