House tour: The ultimate spring-clean revamp two decades in the making!

This three bedroom condominium apartment plays home to a couple in their 50s and their two daughters, with a build up of 1,400sqf. It was redesigned with plenty of storage space for its family's growing collection of keepsakes!

Having lived in this condominium for over two decades, homeowners Cecilia Tan and her husband wanted to clear the clutter that had accumulated. "I had wanted to spring clean the home for a long time!" quips Cecilia. They worked with Kelvin Bing, design director of Renaissance Planners & Designers, for the overhaul, which cost RM1,200,000, including furnishings. Besides display and storage units, marble flooring throughout the home give it an elegant and luxurious appeal, and designer furniture pieces in light and earthy tones create a welcoming ambience.

Fitted with surround sound speakers, the family room doubles as an entertainment-cum-home theater.