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Q: I’m looking to buy a small apartment with a really high ceiling, as I heard I can build a loft bedroom to maximise the space. I’m keen, but how much would it cost and how do I go about doing that?

A: Small Office Home Office (Soho) apartments, which usually come with ceiling heights of 4.5m to 5m, are usually marketed with the assurance that the owners are able to build a loft level to maximise its tiny footprint.

Buyers have to take into account the extra expense needed to build this mezzanine, and the regulations relating to its construction. For instance, the new structure cannot be mounted onto existing wall and floor surfaces, and should be treated as a temporary addition, which can be removed when needed.

Its design also needs the endorsement of a Professional Engineer to ensure that it is sound, and once approved, the drawings will be sent over to the estate management for record.

For a cleaner finish, homeowners can consider using wood to build their loft, but that would be more expensive.

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