Reno Right: Mood lighting, rattan furniture, Venetian blinds, and dust-free homes

We answer some of your renovation questions and give you tips for how to amp up the home aesthetic!

Q: I like the idea of mood lighting at home. Any tips on where to place lamps?

A: Every space needs three types of lighting. While two of them – general and task lighting – are more functional, it’s accent lighting that creates the mood.
Accent or mood lighting is what creates that “hotel-room effect” – an inviting, relaxing ambience that just puts you at ease. You can recreate that at home with lamps that emit soft diffused warm light.

“To create mood, turn off brighter lights and switch on softer mood lighting. Use lower-wattage bulbs – incandescent bulbs work much better as they have a soothing, warm glow. A dimmer switch is also a great option,” Says Anthony Desaram of Taylor B Lighting Gallery.

Depending on your furniture arrangement, you can use floor as well as table lamps. These are more versatile than wall-mounted sconces, for example. It also adds variety to the composition of items in the room.

Just ensure that the colour temperature of the bulbs used are similar so the overall illumination is consistent.

Antony also suggests placing lamps in unexpected places, such as within a bookshelf or inside an armoire cabinet, to create a unique and calming effect.

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