House tour: A bare, simple home with flexible aesthetics

A 1,300 sqf five room flat, this home belongs to a creative couple, who, with no decor theme in mind, decided to keep their home bare and simple, and therefore flexible.

Xander Lee and Joanne Ng have a home with a floor plan atypical of a flat's. After its renovation, helmed by JQ Ong of The Association, the 22 year old flat's layout is organised into three sections - a large studio that occupies the footprint of two bedrooms and a storeroom, the master bedroom formed by merging two bedrooms, and a central open living area that connects to a balcony with a view of the greenery out front.

"We were looking for something simple, functional, and changeable," says Xander, on the home's design concept. In fact, instead of telling their designer what they wanted, they did the opposite - telling him what they didn't want, which included no theme, sofa, or feature wall. JQ responded with a neat floor plan, streamlined structures, unfussy details, and simple, humble materials - essentially a blank canvas to build upon.

The minimalist look of the entrance foyer is a prelude to the spacious home's simple design and fuss-free aesthetics.