Feast: Afternoon tea platters and how to make them

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1. The traditional cucumber sandwich is a must. Here’s a recipe:

Old-fashioned Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Makes four small sandwiches.


2 slices of very thinly sliced brown bread
Soft butter
1 teaspoon vinegar (white wine or cider is best, although malt is more traditional)


1. Rinse the cucumber. Peel if it is waxed.

2. Cut the cucumber extremely thin using a mandolin or a potato peeler.

3. Lay the cucumber on a plate and sprinkle the vinegar and the salt over the top. Cover with a plate or cling film.

4. After half an hour, shake the slices in a sieve to drain the excess juices.

5. Butter the two slices of bread.

6. Pile the cucumber onto one side of the bread, and then top with the other. Press together and trim away the crusts.

7. You should cover the cucumber sandwiches with a lightly damp cloth until it is time to eat.

Recipe sourced from, www.all-about-afternoon-tea.com

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