House tour: A 818sqf, less-is-more Scandinavian bachelor's pad

This 818sqf 3-bedroom flat is home to a bachelor in his 40s. Homeowner Koh Kuan Eng took a Less Is More approach to this Scandinavian-cool pad, and the resultant look is bright, beautiful, and an absolute treat.

Four years ago, Koh left his stable job as a creative director of an advertising firm to be a social worker. The 49-year-old bachelor was in the creative industry for two decades before making the big switch. "I am four to five times poorer, but 10 times happier," he smiles. He has also written and illustrated 'My First Set of Dialect Books' in a bid to preserve linguistic heritage. Given his recent conviction, it was no surprise that he wanted a pared down look for his new home - one that is cosy, intimate, and devoid of distractions like a television. It's the first home he has owned, and he sees it as a permanent abode. So he poured in some RM99,000 for renovations and RM120,000 for the furnishings to create a modish, yet personable space.

Potted plants and flowers are an integral part of Koh's decorative style. They are strategically placed in corners and on tables to 'freshen up' the space, and complement wood accents and raw cement.