Artistic Journey with Sharon Chin

As an artist, what are the challenges you have faced and what you have done to overcome it?

My parents supported my higher education overseas. When I came back to Malaysia in 2005, my father wanted me to work for the family business. Saying no to that was the hardest thing I have ever done. Most of my friends thought that I should 'pay my dues' for a few years, save money and then follow my passion. But I knew deep down that I would regret those years, that there is no limit on 'repaying' the support of parents - you can do it all your life and never feel as if you have settled your 'debt'.

This decision had real personal costs. Anything worth having is not easily come by. I lived with guilt and internal conflict. I was distant from my family for a couple of years. Over time, my father came to accept my choice and is proud of what I'm doing now. I think we are all happy about how things turned out.

After that, all the artistic or career problems I've faced are easy in comparison.