House tour: A warm, inviting condo with fresh additions

This 2,002sqf, five room condominium houses a family of four. With a design that reflects the homeowner's distinctive style, the apartment is transformed into a beautiful abode that is both warm and inviting.

Eddy Kuswandi from EJ Werkshop Interiors made a bold choice for his client's home. Instead of an ordinary timber backdrop to the apartment's spacious living room, he opted for wainscotted walls - a classical design element that certainly looks unusual in this contemporary, resort-inspired home. Yet, the unexpected feature, as part of the RM450,000 renovation, works well here; its wood trimmings are a reflection of the homeowner's fondness for both traditional design and nature. We highlight two unique factors that make up this home.

Warm tones of brown and yellow were used to create a cosy atmosphere in this spacious living room.