Inspiration: 3 Furnishings Rules to Follow


In today’s aesthetic-driven world, many make the mistake of choosing form over function. There is, however, a way to ensure you walk away with all the eggs in hand.

Many of us experience love at first sight, and even more so where furnishings are concerned. From the sleek leather silhouettes of contemporary couches to the linear elegance of dining tables, there’s something that inspires in fine furniture. It pulls to mind the beauty of a space well put together, aesthetics that beg to be replicated at home. Still, it would be imprudent to make a decision by looks alone, so you’ll want to take into account these considerations.

1. Quality

Will that armchair you're eyeing withstand the test of time? Think of your furniture as an investment. Always defer to quality, and let durability and craftsmanship guide your hand.

2. Functional and Modular

A piece of furniture will not serve you well if it’s only for show. Pick a piece that serves its function well. Test it out - touch it, feel it, get to know it a little in the shop before making your decision. Individuality is the soul of humankind, and what better way to showcase said individuality than through customisation? Look into furnishings that can be customised to fit your lifestyle.

3. Fit

The space factor is definitely a concern for many homes. What looks beautiful in a sprawling showroom may not cast the same shadow in your living space. Don't be afraid to engage with a professional for some help in your selection.

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