Homes: A home featuring different styles, textures, and colours brings an arresting visual!

Home to housemates in their 30s, this four room flat features many different styles, textures, and materials, all creatively and boldly fused together under one roof. The resultant look is visually arresting, making the 970sqf home a bright and beautiful space.

It's probably every interior designer's dream to be told to 'go wild with the ideas'. This was exactly what housemates Kong Chek Yong and Kenneth Ang told Yiap Yiyun of Linear Space Concepts. The duo had a wish list of ideas that included neon lights, strong colours, iron grilles, and patterned Peranakan-like tiles, but they were also open to other ways of working with the various elements together to create something unique.

Sources of inspiration for this melange were hip cafes, as well as various W Hotels (the brand is known for its distinctive statement-making style) around the world, says the well-travelled Chek Yong.

In the living room, set against a faux brick and concrete screed wall, is a customised neon light feature. Its design, inspired by stock graphs, references Kenneth's work in financial investments.