House tour: A five bedroom flat with Scandinavian simplicity!

This five-bedroom flat is home to a couple in their thirties. At 1,100 sqf, it is fitted with Scandinavian simplicity, lending warmth and character to its overall look and feel.

Living rooms are often the centre of attention, a space usually reserved for the most striking designs and styles. However, Joy Loo, creative director of interior-design consultancy Waff, decided to do something a little different with her clients’ five room flat. She transformed the kitchen into an uber-cool, welcoming space for the owners – newlyweds who enjoy baking and whipping up meals at home.

With a budget of RM150,000 for renovations and RM60,000 for furnishing, Joy proposed a refreshingly light yet sophisticated design for this home. Nordic blue was chosen for the cabinetry, a deep, soothing shade that greets the eyes when you step into the home. White quartz for the countertop enhances the blue and makes it more prominent. “I wanted a clean and modern look, so I proposed a Scandinavian theme, which went down well with the owners,” said Joy.

The couple’s love for cooking and baking inspired Waff’s Joy Loo to design the kitchen as a sleek and stylish yet practical space.