House tour: A bright and airy abode with timeless aesthetics

This 3,500 sqf four bedroom condominium is home to a couple in their 40s and 50s and their four pet rabbits. With chic contemporary aesthetics and simple material finishes, the airy abode has a great, timeless design.

"White walls with no wallcoverings, and a simple and timeless design" was the brief given by Dr David Wong and Melissa Lim to their interior designer, Zack Lim of Lush Interior Design. Having acquired a spacious apartment that comes with a 1,400sqf balcony, the homeowners wanted the focal point of the home to be the beautiful vista around the expansive outdoor terrace. But while it seems like a straightforward job, Zack spent a great deal of time conceptualising the modern and minimalist-inspired design.

Through a renovation that cost RM840,000, Zack incorporated sleek, well-crafted and elegantly proportioned features. Upon stepping into the open-concept living area, a palette of white, grey, and wood tones creates a calming vibe, while black is introduced in the form of accent trimmings and furniture pieces, for depth and contrast.

The spacious home features separate wet and dry kitchens, with the latter having a large customised island counter with an integrated dining table. Clown Nose vases by Foundry.