An Impression to Remember

A lot goes into choosing the right sofa. You’ll need to consider many things that go beyond mere aesthetics; functionalities and materials among the considerations. A standalone sofa may well be easy to incorporate, but with larger families, it’s important to think along the lines of modular systems that can be re-arranged to suit any and all occasions.

Enter King Living’s multi-award-winning sofa design: the Jasper sofa. The brainchild of King Living’s in-house design team in Australia, the Jasper sofa is luxurious in design, with sleek, stylish aesthetics that speak to the contemporary markets of today. Unique design features, from iconic flexible single-and-double-height timber shelves to adjustable legs ensure infinite configuration possibilities – perfect for open-plan living and growing families. More importantly, the Jasper sofa’s combination of platforms, cushions, and shelves can also be rearranged to suit the occasion, whether you’re simply relaxing in front of the television, or accommodating a sleepover.

With the festive season up and coming, the Jasper sofa also offers an utterly exquisite solution for extended sleeping space. Bolstered by its modular flexibility, the sofa can be arranged to become a temporary bed, complete with side storage for all your guests’ most important bedside reading materials. Comfort stands at top priority, with King Living’s Engineered Steel Frame crafted of galvanised strengthened steel to provide a sturdy foundation. The Postureflex® Seating System ensures ultimate support for the back and body while keeping your sofa in tip-top condition look-wise.

Tired of the old aesthetic? The Jasper sofa’s covers are designed in a way to be easily removed, cleaned, and replaced. Choose from premium fabrics to luxurious European leather to complete to look, and relish in the comfort and beauty of your fresh new sofa.

For more information, visit the King Living website here. Also check out their brand new showroom in the newly refurbished Ikano Power Centre!