5 Christmas Tree Decorating Rules to Follow


Christmas is coming up, and it's time to dress up the trees! Still, it's important to pick the right tree for your home, so follow these simple rules to make sure you and your tree are the right match!

1. Themes are all the rage.

It's a good idea to set a theme for your interior decorations during Christmas, especially since things can get pretty hairy if you try to cram too many looks into a singular space! Which will it be - rustic, modern, clean and white, or filled with traditional reds and greens? Metrojaya recommends their themes for the year: Vintage Romance, Gatsby Glitz, Wintery Elegance, Splendor of Christmas, Deck the Shores, and Whimsical Yuletide. Set a theme for your home and tree and adhere to it, so as to avoid going overboard.

2. Bigger is not necessarily better!

Pick the right tree for your home size! Owners of smaller apartments may find themselves pressed for space, in which case the appropriate choice of tree would be narrower and taller. Check out this video to see three different trees and styles, done up by the wonderful folks at Metrojaya!


3. Lights and ribbons are non-negotiable.

Ribbons help to add texture, while boosting up the appearance of your tree. With beautifully-fluffed and twisted bows, your tree will show up looking fuller and richer. String fairylights up around your tree, to give it a bright and spirited ambience.

4. Colour it all in.

Pick a colour theme and stick with it to avoid the veritable chaos of a rainbow-coloured tree. Popular Christmas-themed colours include blues and silvers, reds and greens, golds and reds, golds and silvers, greens and golds, and so on and so forth. Pick up to three colours to incorporate into your tree and be disciplined when picking out ornaments!

5. Decorate around the tree!

A tree on its own is beautiful, but to fully inject the spirit of Christmas into your home, you'll need other trimmings! Include presents - filled or no - below, add bowls of brightly-coloured candycanes around, nativity scenes, colourful throws and rugs, and so on and so forth. Hang mistletoe from the ceiling for a fun, cheeky, play on Christmas traditions!

Need to find the right tree? Check out your closest local Metrojaya for a tree to suit your lifestyle and space! If you need advise, look to Metrojaya's customer service personnel in picking the right decorations to suit your theme. 

Metrojaya's trees range from RM190 to RM550 depending on height. Trims range from RM9.90 to RM79.90.