House tour: Luxe and cool industrial meet in this trendy abode

This 950sqf four room flat is home to a young couple and their two year old son, featuring a cool industrial meets modern luxury aesthetic. The result is a trendy abode, perfect for the young family.

Rough and raw is artfully melded with refined luxe in the home of Simone Hui and her husband. With backgrounds in graphic design and working in the creative industry, the couple have discerning taste in visual aesthetics, and knew exactly what they wanted for their home.

"We like the industrial-inspired look, but wanted something luxurious too," says Simone. They gained inspiration from art galleries - white walls, bare finishes, minimalistic details - and built on the look with furnishings.

The homeowners worked with Chris Huang of Bowerman Interior Planner, who designed the flat with streamlined, linear features, and juxtaposed materials such as concrete and marble, to achieve the industrial-luxe aesthetic. Rich jewel hues and lustrous brass tone accents were also incorporated, through built-in cabinetry and furnishings, to jazz up the home.

Comcrete screed flooring and cement walls form the bare canvas of the open-concept living area, which is played up with stylish furniture and decor in attractive jewel tone shades and metallic accents. Cushions from Bode, Classicon Bell table from Space, and rug from The Rug Maker.