House tour: an open, interconnected house encourages family bonding

Family interaction and bonding are encouraged in this open-concept, interconnected house. An intermediate terrace, this home sits on 2,300 sqf of land, built up to 2,800 sqf of space. The space houses a family of four.

“Our family stays connected despite the large spaces between us; we can reach out to the kids anytime, and vice-versa,” say homeowners Elaine and Wui Boon Lim. Their bright and airy abode is the result of clever spatial planning by Hsu Hsia Pin of architectural firm Ehka Studio, whose design revolved around one important requirement – a home that could facilitate family bonding.

The once dark and stuffy two-storey home (they utilised the ample ceiling space to create an attic) that is illuminated by a skylight and kept well-ventilated by air extractors on the roof. Each common space is connected through openings, too; walls are replaced by mesh railings or cut in half so both daylight and sound can fill these spaces.

The family of four spends most of their time in the dry kitchen and dining area. The wet kitchen (“the kids love steak, and you need a wet kitchen for that,” says homeowner Elaine) is separated by a glass door.