House tour: Eye catching details and high ceilings make this 915 sqf home an absolute dream.

Home to a couple in their late thirties, this two plus one bedroom condominium features a variety of different textures and surfacing materials, which meet to create eye-catching details, while accentuating the beauty of the home’s high ceilings.

When doing up his own home, Stan Tham saw it as an ‘experimental space’ for certain design concepts and ideas to materialise.

As an interior designer, he appreciates different styles and has varied tastes, so it isn’t surprising that the home he shares with his wife, Selene Wee, has an eclectic look. “Everything within is a bit different,” he says, yet it all comes together effortlessly.

The idea was simply to be surrounded by the things the couple like, from contemporary furniture and interesting textured materials to street art-style framed prints and statement decor pieces. “The things in the house are not necessarily expensive – the key is to pick out things and mix and match them,” he says.

A geometric theme, seen in the choice of soft furnishings and materials in the living area, gives the home a trendy and fun look.