House tour: a newlywed couple's apartment of white, wood, and sunlight!

A clever design and smart choice of materials helped to make this small apartment appear more spacious than it actually is. Home to a couple in their 30s and their pet dog, the four-room apartment stands at 990sqf in size, and features plenty of furniture in warm wood tones. Featured here are the couple's William sofa from Castlery and Ikea bar stools, which complement the home's palette.

Homeowners today are increasingly savvy in exploring design ideas. Newlyweds Robertson and Joanne Tay, however, were sure of the look they wanted for their matrimonial home, which led to them meeting Ivan O, creative director of IDISID, through a friend's recommendation.

Much to the designer's delight, the couple came prepared with a digital library of ideas, which they had collated from websites such as Pinterest. This helped to move the discussion along, and provided the designer with a good reference of the style they wanted. "We wanted a bright and airy home, with a good combination of materials like wood concrete against a backdrop of white," shares Robertson.

To achieve the look, they broke down the walls of two bedrooms, creating a large, open dining room that sits in the centre of the home, where they enjoy the luxury of natural light and ventilation. The dining table sits on a raised platform, framed by a suspended swing bench and dining chairs.