House tour: This bachelor's clean, pared-down apartment features distinct herringbone walls!

Belonging to a bachelor, this 1,313 sqf three bedroom condominium apartment showcases a discerning approach to colour and materials, allowing for a stylish and clean, pared-down look to shine through.

As a beauty aesthetician whose work revolves around symmetry and perfection, it's unsurprising that Dr Tsu Boon Hsiung finds the odd corners and folds of his apartment an eyesore. However, instead of tearing it all down, the Studio Wills + Architects team capitalised on this "difficult" layout and transformed the space into an elegant bachelor pad - all for the price of RM450,000!

The eye catching wood-look feature wall masks the odd folds of the home, and conceals power points, as well as light and curtain panels. The faceted walls from the living room to the bedroom were cladded in the laminate in a herringbone pattern, thereby creating a unified look and flow throughout the home.