6 Questions with KOY

Held in onjunction with HOMI Milan, HOMI Asia Design delivered yet again with a stunning collective of pieces from an array of brilliantly talented designers. Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, founder of KOY, shares about the brand's participation in the exquisitely-curated show.

About KOY
“My work is driven by curiousity to explore materials and diverse artistic styles absorbed during my travels,” says Kunaal. The founder of KOY finds inspiration from his surroundings; he shares that short escapades help him to realign his thoughts, and to create objects that reflect his passion for the diverse palette of Indian marbles, the natural world, the animal kingdom, folk art, and heritage craftsmanship. “KOY is a world of work inspired by philosophy and myth, the detached realm of zen as seen through the opal eyes of Koi fish.”

At KOY, one can expect to find handcrafted objects of fantasy – a menagerie of marble, metal, textile, and wood work. Theirs is a collection comprised of simple designs, interspersed with colours and textures that bring to life a world of beats and beauty.

How do you ensure quality where your work is concerned?

Kunaal, KOY: In our studio, we are constantly playing with materials and creating new possibilities by combining various elements, textures, and finishes. To realise these ideas, it was natural that we collaborated with technically-sound professionals to let the creativity flow, and to produce goods of the highest quality under their guidance. Each day is adding to our learning curve. We have our artisans come up to help us achieve our dream designs by incorporating their knowledge of their medium. The technical team tests the product quality and durability against the specifications.