House tour: Passion and design make this home aesthetically pleasing and practical.

This 22,000 sqf Good Class Bungalow, home to a couple in their 50s and 60s, sits on 25,000sqf of land.

When it came to the design of their abode, the homeowners decided on a tabula rasa approach when they bought the property – partly because the existing house was old, but more importantly, they had a clear vision as to what kind of home they wanted to build.

Coming from an engineering background, the husband appreciates the inherent beauty of an efficient structure. “This home is like a box on a raft foundation and it was very easy to construct,” he says. He also wanted as few columns as possible in order to open up the internal spaces, complementing this with full-height fenestrations, and an architectural language of clean, simple lines.

The homeowners’ preference for open and grand spaces is most evident in the double-volume living space that feels lofty and unencumbered, with a full height curtain wall system that offers views of the garden and the pool.