House tour: A glass jewel of a house with Modernist ideals

This two-storey, four-bedroom bungalow is home to a family with three children. Built on 6,026sqf of land, and sitting at 4,186sqf in size, the beautiful home is the work of Architect Vincent Lim of Visual Text Architects (VTxT). The homeowners, other than wanting lots of greenery, a koi pond, and a swimming pool for their new home, put their complete trust in him to deliver a house that would suit their lifestyle. After all, he had also designed their previous abode, a semi-detached house.

The result is a delightfully simple two-storey bungalow with an exposed column-and-beam design and mono-pitched roof emblematic of Modernist architecture; in particular, the work of architect Mies van der Rohe, which has always inspired Vincent. “My concept was very simple. I wanted to create a modern shell around the original structure,” he says.

The simple column and beam structure of the extended house is inspired by Modernist architecture. Its controlled lines have given the interiors a restful appeal, says Vincent.