House tour: A beautifully monochromatic three bedroom apartment

This three room apartment embraces everything the homeowners - a couple in their 40s - want and love.

Having an open brief is many designers' dream because it allows them the freedom to explore new ideas and push boundaries. Yet, for Kelvin Teo of Space Sense Studio, this project was particularly stressful as the clients were none other than his older brother and sister-in-law. After getting the keys to their new three-room flat, homeowner Matthew and his wife entrusted the design of their home to Kelvin. With a budget of approximately RM150,000, the interiors were crafted to fit function and style, while addressing the couple's needs.

Inspired by the industrial-loft design concept often seen in New York apartments, the overall monochromatic palette sets the backdrop for many unusual design features within the interiors that reflect the homeowners' interests and hobbies. The walls that separated the living room, bedroom, and kitchen were hacked to create a spacious open area that allows natural light to flood the home. The ceilings are installed with artificial beams, and painted with black lines to mimic the look of wooden floorboards seen in shophouses and loft apartments.

"We love to travel, and always had a liking for loft homes abroad, particularly those with fireplaces, for their warm, cosy ambience - especially during colder seasons," shares Matthew. So, Kelvin created a fireplace-inspired TV console with a recycled oil barrel in the living room. Besides aesthetics, it also serves to hide electronic devices and wiring.

Removing the wall between the living room and bedroom helped enlarge the space in the home.