House tour: A bachelor and his dog’s one-bedroom home

Homeowner Magnus Li interviewed all 12 of the interior designers on his shortlist before deciding on Bu Shukun, the design director of Architology Interiors. “I felt that Kun understood exactly what I wanted and could take it further,” he explains. On this, Magnus and Shukun were on the same page. “Even though Magnus had an extremely detailed brief, I wanted to challenge it and push the houndaries. Being a design-savvy client, he kept an open mind towards the ideas that we proposed,” says Shukun.

For a bachelor pad that he shares with his Shiba Inu, the Asian manager of a start-up knew right from the beginning that he wanted a modern interior with clean lines. “I am a mentally orderly person and I envisioned my home to have a Bauhaus-meets-Muji style, where all the lines are flush and meet up precisely,” he says.

Unlike feature walls that serve only an aesthetic purpose, this is a fully functional wall that integrates shelving, storage, and even lighting. Vases from Journey East.