House tour: A timelessly-designed 721sqf bachelorette’s pad

This three-room flat is a serene and breezy haven. “I wanted to promote its cross ventilation and make the interiors linear,” says designer Francis Leong. “We pretty much ripped everything up and then focused on the quality of the space. The aim of the material selection is to ensure that the space looks good even after five or ten years.”

For Francis, the project holds special meaning to him. His client is a long-time friend of more than 20 years. “The layout also has strong sentimental value to me, because I grew up with (this type of home) until I was 12,” he shares. “It reminds me of my childhood space. I was very excited when she told me about the unit.”

By letting in natural light and adopting a neutral palette, the home feels spacious and open. Also, the enclosed kitchen that is characteristic of old flats is gone. The open kitchen is now part of the main living space.