Three questions with Yvonne Kong, founder of ChubbyFingersPlay

Encourage your kids to doodle, colour, and play to the beat of their wildest imaginations. These novelty crayons from ChubbyFingersPlay are made from beeswax and non-toxic colouring. We speak to founder and a mother-of-two, Yvonne Kong about her creations.

H&D: What inspired you to create these crayons?

Y: We’re on a constant hunt for safer and healthier options. My kids love to doodle and colour and I love every single piece that they create. I do not want that to stop. It is amazing to see how random every piece of art is. I am extremely happy to know my crayons are safe for them to use, and they are so very much part of these little creations here.

I know a lot of parents who may share the same sentiment. They worry about their children who may gnaw on or ingest a piece of crayon by accident, or that pencil shaped crayons may pose dangers, or that they could end up with doodles on their home walls, furniture, and more. With that, I want to offer a better option for parents to have a peace of mind knowing that their kids are able to enjoy art.