House tour: A dual-key condo belonging to a fengshui practitioner!

A former banker, Wilfred Leu found his calling as a fengshui practitioner after a debilitating financial crisis in 2008. What started out as a means to overcome his predicament became a second career. Since then, Wilfred has gained recognition through word of mouth from clients ranging from homeowners, to bankers and multinational corporations. He recently had the opportunity to apply his expertise of the Chinese philosophical system to his own home.

At the beginning of the project, Wilfred provided Miki Shi, a design consultant at Copper Design Associates, with a detailed catalogue containing photographs and dimensions of all the precious stones, antique vases, paintings, wooden furniture, and other auspicious artefacts in his extensive collection, which he wanted to incorporate into his home. Miki admits that it is the first time she has worked on such a fengshui-driven home.

“Apart from the layout of the unit itself, I also took into consideration the fengshui of the entire development, its entrance, landform, and even soil type before purchasing,” says homeowner Wilfred Leu.