6 Modern Interior Staples

From colour to textures to materials, each facet of your home plays a significant role in creating the aesthetic you want. Here’s how to put together the striking, and yet cosy contemporary interior you’ve always dreamt of!

Clean silhouettes

Dress up your home with furnishings boasting clean lines and minimalistic flair. Supplement sharp, angular pieces with the odd artisanal decor piece; a good mix of both will create a lovely contrast that ups the ante of the space. Don’t forget to layer on textures with throws, cushions, and plants!

Keeping it cool

Choose from a neutral palette of greys, browns, beiges, and off-whites, or delve into cooler tones of blues and greens. White is also often used in contemporary settings; you can also add to the look with the generous use of materials like wood, steel, and marble.

Leather, sans lace

Nothing screams modern living the way a full-leather couch does. Choose a design that suits your style of living and the size of your space, and don’t forget to take into account the treatment of the leather. Glossy or matte – both are beautiful, and yet add different styles to any space.

A play on textures

From throws to rugs to the materials used in furniture upholstery, textures can help to give your space depth. Check out fabrics of different weaves and materials to see which work best together, both aesthetically, as well as functionally.

Wood, steel, and glass

A key component of Scandinavian design lies in the use of light wood, and for good reason. The colour and treatment of wood can impact how your space looks, and in this case, create vibrant and bright atmospheres that turn houses into homes. And depending on how wood is treated, it can be used across decor styles, from classic to rustic to modern. Steel and glass are also great choices.

Keep it lit

Natural light is the name of the game in modern design! If you’re able, make sure your home has plenty of windows to let in the light. Otherwise, look into alternative lighting solutions, which should be a combination of looks and functionality. Gone are the days of the bare bulb. Instead, pick a lighting fixture that can serve as the focal point of the room!

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