Bathroom Basics: Choosing A Mixer


It’s not all that difficult to find stylish mixers to complement the aesthetics of your bathroom. But why settle for the ordinary when you can opt for stylish solutions that are not only user-friendly and comfortable, but also equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology?


photos hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE


Look into these before you purchase a mixer for your bathroom.


1. Find out what's available in the market before you take the leap.

  • Pillar taps come in pairs. Two different faucets are used for hot and cold water.

  • Mixer taps deliver both hot and cold water through a spout, but also have separate water controls.

  • Mono Basin Mixer taps or Monobloc taps use one lever to control both hot and cold water.


2. Technology. How does it work? Get to know more about the technology equipped in the mixers you see. Try them out if you can. Weigh up the pros and cons before investing in one. How does technology affect functionality?


3. Aesthetics.  How and where would you be incorporating these taps and mixers? Would they be mounted on the wall or deck? How do you feel about free-standing mixers? Are you going with a Victorian look in your bathroom, or for something more modern and linear?  


4. Plumbing works required. Look into the installation and more, particularly if you’re replacing your old mixer.


5. Consider purchasing both mixers and basin together. You want to avoid buying a faucet with a spout too short for the basin. However, if you would rather purchase them individually, make sure to measure both the length and height of the spout before going ahead.


6. Designs. Take a look at the design of it all to see which ones appeal to you. We love these options by Hansgrohe.  


Mixers, design-wise.

photo The new 1200 millimetre, hansgrohe Metropol Floor Standing Basin Mixer

There are plenty of conventional and unconventional designs to choose from. Hansgrohe’s latest Metropol range features geometric contours, spheres, and even rectangular mixers in different expensive surfaces. Each piece helps to impart an exclusivity to your bathroom. The Metropol range is also the first of its kind in that it has a floor-standing washbasin mixer, to be used with freestanding washbasins.

The Metropol range includes shower and bathtub mixers for both exposed or concealed installations.




photo Hansgrohe The Metropol 100 basin mixer is available in two versions, featuring a 160 or 190 millimeter spout length  

photo Hansgrohe Metropol Swivel Spout mixer


Mixers with the ComfortZone label provide luxury of space, large enough to allow freedom of movement for washing hands, shaving, and even the washing of one's hair if a high enough swivel spout is incorporated. It’s important to choose and match mixers with basins according to your personal needs.


photo Hansgrohe Metropol three-hole washbasin mixer 160 with lever handles. The three-hole washbasin mixer is available in two versions with either 160 or 190 millimeter spout lengths, with flat or loop handles.

Handle. Hansgrohe's collaboration with partners Phoenix Design has emerged with three different mixer handles: the flat lever handle, a slender hoop handle, and handles equipped with Select technology. The Select control is unique, allowing you to turn on or off your tap at the touch of a button. This means you can use the back of your hand to keep the mixer dry and clean.



photo Hansgrohe Metropol Select Wash Basin Mixer 110 

photo Hansgrohe Metropol Select Wash Basin Mixer 260


Hansgrohe Metropol Select Wash Basin Mixer 110