Reno right: Dining table revival

Dining tables have always been the focal point of the dining room, be it a mahogany behemoth or a petite oak top. As with everything, years of activity from casual meals to large celebrations will definitely take their toll on the piece of furniture. Give your dining table some love and make small repairs to give it a new lease of life!

1. Wipe it down

Every meal you ever had on your dining table will add its share of grime and stains. Even with constant wiping, food particles will still find their way into tiny crevices on the surface, most notably dining tables made of wood. Take a soft brush or a used toothbrush and gently take your time stroking along the natural grain of the surface. Be sure to only apply light pressure and use a mild surface cleaner solution to aid in the process. It is a small step, but will go a long way in restoring the original shine on your dining table.

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