House tour: Textures and surfacing materials are king in this bright home

The use of sea and sky shades, as well as a play on geometry, give this home a nautical-inspired look with a stylish modern twist.

Colour dramatically enhances a space, and in the home of Si Jian Wen and Sharon Teo, the calming cool shades of blues and greens define the interiors. As Sharon’s favourite colour is mint, it was a starting point for the flat’s colour palette, the couple say. But apart from uplifting colours, designer Si Jian Xin also incorporated geometrical accents, in the form of furnishings and materials to enhance the home’s clean, contemporary look.

“The idea was to have a nautical theme, but one that wasn’t so literal,” he says, on the abstract way he translated and infused the elements of the theme into the spaces. Apart from colours that bring to mind the sky and sea, round wire-mesh glass windows – a modern interpretation of porthole windows – can be found on the bathroom doors, while the front gate features a graphical fish scale-inspired design.

Clean lines, contemporary furniture and a mix of strong and subtle tones define this open-concept home.

The home has an open layout, with the option to close up various spaces – the master bedroom, study, and kitchen – using flush doors and slide-and-fold doors.