5 packaging products you shouldn’t throw out

Going green becomes that much easier when you realise there are a million things you can do with packaging!


Ever received a nice box of chocolates as a gift? Don’t throw out the ribbons that come with it! Save and re-use for gift-wrapping purposes, or give them a wash and use them for your little girl’s hair! You can also use them to decorate the house; just tie bows around your plants for some fun and festive décor!


When delicate purchases arrive in bubble wrap, store them. You can either use them to re-wrap delicate objects that go into storage, or simply pop the bubble wrap when you’re stressed and need something to do with your hands.


Most everyone saves pickle jars, and why shouldn’t they? These large-ish jars are perfect if you want to do a spot of pickling of your own. They’re also the perfect vessels for making overnight oats or for making your own sourdough starter! Just be sure you air it out completely to get out that pickle smell.


If you’re an ardent gardener with a penchant for travelling, don’t throw out your plastic drinking bottles! Fill them up when you need to travel, then poke a hole into the cap with a thumbtack. Invert the bottle into the soil of your plants, give it a few good squeezes to get the osmosis going, and travel in peace! It takes a while to get it right, so we’d suggest trying out this method a few days before you travel to check if the water is being absorbed properly.


Some teabag boxes are beautiful, and we think they deserve to be saved. Unfold them and cut them as you will, and when you have enough, fill up a photo frame with a collage made of them! You can also pin them to a corkboard among other artpieces for an interesting, personalised effect.


Check if that spray bottle from your room freshener can be unscrewed and re-used! If it can, it’s your lucky day! Thoroughly clean out your spray bottle by soaking (and use hot water if necessary), and you’ll be able to use it again – for cooking, for gardening, or for cleaning!