House tour: A texturally-rich home with bursts of colour

Textured and patterned design elements give this family home a contemporary and cosy atmosphere.

A well-designed home is one with a space that’s been used efficiently, no matter its size. This 1,765 sqf apartment, home to a couple with two young boys and grandparents, is one example. What was previously spacious but lacked character was transformed into a modern resort-inspired home that not only facilitates family bonding, but is a conducive space for working at home as well

“We toyed with the idea of a light-hued, Scandi-inspired home, but this slowly evolved into a darker palette with more personalisation. Many features were rooted in the homeowners’ – particularly the wife, who is a teacher – need for storage, and the need to uplift the dim space,” says Raymond Seow of interior design firm Free Space Intent.

The renovation cost the couple RM450,000. This includes erecting a study room with windows – which allows whoever is in the room to stay connected to the family while working, as well as allow more light in – and a dry kitchen, so the homeowners can bake while the helper does heavier cooking in the wet kitchen.

The designer, Raymond Seow of Free Space Intent, gifted the homeowners this vertical green wall panel, which creates a resort-style look.