Serenaded to Sleep

With ever-shrinking living spaces, storage can become a pain point for many modern homeowners. This problem is compounded in the bedroom, where clothes, linen, and accessories take residence. The solution could be to build more storage spaces, but that will inevitably disturb the delicate balance between aesthetic and practicality.

Refuse the need to compromise with the Serenade Bed by King Living, an elegant carrier of sleep that comes with a clever hidden storage compartment within its beautiful timber veneer base. There is no denying the appeal of the Serenade Bed with its understated, but opulent design that beckons for your undivided attention.

Take the load off and lean your body against the headboard that is quilted and perfectly padded. Have it crafted to your taste by choosing from a range of premium fabrics or luxurious European leather coverings. As with all King Living products, you’ll be granted peace of mind knowing that these coverings can be professionally removed and cleaned, or replaced to improve longevity.

Moving from the headboard to the base, a beautiful wood veneer base is available in light tan coloured Walnut, a deep rich brown Wenge, or the classic black finished Congo to fit your bedroom’s overall colour scheme. The base houses the built-in storage compartment which can be accessed by simply lifting the top bed.

Lifting a mattress along with the steel frame might sound daunting, but an easy lift hydraulic system makes the whole process a breeze! The considerably-sized opening also makes putting in and retrieving items from the compartment easy. On top of that, the easy lift system also props the top bed further into a bed-making position, which helps with the tidying up in the morning.

All this is supported by King Living’s galvanised-strengthened steel frame, which provides an unparalleled foundation for every Serenade bed. It is also precision-cut for ultimate durability and backed up by a 25-year steel frame warranty.


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