House tour: A modern home swathed in green and golden-brown

A modern home, swathed in hues of golden-brown and green, shows what happens when you embrace the best that nature has to offer.

Home to a couple in their 40s and their two daughters, this three-bedroom condominium unit of 1,185 sqf features the warmth of wood in delightful excess, punctuated across spaces with greenery and neutral hues.

A warm, rustic-chic vibe permeates the apartment, thanks to the wood tones and greenery in the form of material finishes, furnishings, and a copious amount of plants.

Every angle of Adrian Chua and Irene Ng’s abode accords a soothing vignette. With most of its surfaces clad in beautifully grained teak veneer plywood, the apartment exudes a cosy and rustic vibe, accented by notes of modernity.