A Beating Light


A matte black surface with a brass inside that gleams at you even at eye level, the Beat pendant light by Tom Dixon is an understated light fixture with a significant backstory. 

It starts off in 2002 when Tom Dixon instigated the Beat light during an NGO development project undertaken by the British Council and Dixon himself in an effort to maintain and develop the skills of street metalworkers in Rajasthan, Jaipur. The underlying techniques to create the Beat light are the same ones historically used to create water vessels and cooking pots in India.   

Each Beat light is meticulously hand formed with hammers and lathes by artisan craftsman in this part of Northern India over the course of four days. One can take a close look and see the hammer marks left behind on the brass interior; this uneven surface naturally refracts and reflect light, creating a soft glow that is easy on the eyes. 

With a simple black and gold colour scheme, the Beat pendant light works with any modern contemporary aesthetic from industrial lofts to pastel living rooms.