House tour: A feast of colour alongside upcycled furnishings and existing fixtures

Upcycled furniture and existing fixtures in the house were given a new lease on life in this Art Deco and Colonial-style home.

This 1970s house is home to a family of five and their two elderly parents; sitting pretty at 6,047 sqf, it more than perfectly fits the family. The home houses a number of designer furniture pieces, such as the kitchen’s yellow Masters dining chairs by Philippe Starck, as well as an oversized Kartell lamp.

As the lady of the house has a penchant for colonial houses and upcycling, purchasing a 1970s’ property with well-kept design elements thrilled her. Its existing features, such as well lamps and the staircase, were perfect for the look the family had in mind: a modern interpretation of colonial and Art Deco styles.

Here’s what went into the RM2,100,000 renovation, and the final look of this capacious abode.